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Join us with our regular hikes to marj bisri. Passing through multiple ancient ruins from roman bridges to egyptian pillars. This path has been a route that our ancestors took for millenia.



We have recently installed 2 200m ziplines from Imad's Rock to the top of the Roman Stairs above the valley. Call us now and reserve a time to take the flight !


Abseiling / Rappel

A sport for the strong hearted only ! Take a full training session and go on an abseiling adventure like never before , from Imad's Rock to the river of the Bisri Valley! Reserve now in the contact page.



A balanced and healthy body are a necessity especially when it comes to sports that require high endurance , physically and mentally. Our Yogis would be happy to help you out with yoga sessions and reflections on posture and body flexibility.


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Stay for the day !

This package includes a Breakfast, Abseiling/Rappel (training and aplying) and a 200m zipline ride.

Hiking Tour

Take a hike with Imad himself! Walk through the ancient ridges and ruins beside the river of the bisri valley. This Event will take place on each -Day- at -00:00- till -00:00- from -Month- to -Month-. Can't wait to see you!


Every day is a celebration of life at Imad's Rock. From sports to music events, stay up to date on what's happening through our social media pages at the bottom right corner of this page!

Stay through the night(s)!

Our location includes multiple camping sites. Wether visiting with a loved one, family or alone. Make sure to reserve a place ahead!

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