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Our goal is to experience the ultimate endurance of the human's body and soul.

Our team dedicates itself to train this unlimited source of power within each and every individual who participates.

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Available Sports on Imad's Rock



Our team organizes hiking events on a regular basis! Hike in the depths of Bisri Valley and explore the ancient ruins of our ancestors. Check our services page for further info.



A sport that is challenging to some but quite exciting to others. Join us on the regular events in Imad's Rock , Marj Besri and Jezzine.



Get ready for a great flight! Our team is glad to take you on a trip like never before. Not one but two ziplines were installed recently on Imad's Rock in Mazraat Al Chouf. Can't wait to meet you there !



A balanced and healthy body are a necessity especially when it comes to sports that require high endurance , physically and mentally. Our Yogis would be happy to help you out with yoga sessions and reflections on posture and body flexibility.


Survival Training

Coming soon as one of our services. Survival Training is a must for every free individual so they'd remember nature's brute strength. We believe true individual independence is obtained by holding the responsibility of your body even in the harshest circumstances.

Enjoy the views !

Our base of operations on Imad's Rock is decorated by the jewels of nature. From waterfalls to starry nights and stunning sunsets, This place is where you will discover yourself once more.

Bind your body with mother nature!

Meditation, Music and Discussions are a natural occurance on the rock. Developing these habits are going to push you to new levels within yourself you have never discovered before.


Your safety concerns us! Check the link below for the safety rules.

We are pleased to answer your inquiries !

Our Team is ready to answer phone calls and emails, check the "contact us" page for more info.

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