Bahaa B.  (Content Creator / Public Relations)

Manages the marketing function with emphasis on championing the brand and expanding the customer base.


Imad Beaini  (President / Co-founder)

Plans and manages the business from Sports to Connections and Financial Operations.


Liwaa Beaini  (Co-founder / CTO)

Implements concepts, guidelines and strategies in various creative projects and oversees them to completion

A message form Imad

Salute to the complete wholeness in every individual.

Life is a mere reflection of ............

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Developing the Brand

This community was created with a unity of efforts inorder to help people overcome their feers on an individual basis and to bring a new concept to the region and empower it. Such organizations improve tourism by attracting groups of people from the whole world and this is our objective!

Our team with the help of Spruce Studios developed this website. Contact us so we could do the same to your business!

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History of The Valley

The Bisri Valley lies on a green fertile bed, southwest of Beirut, and includes an expansive land of pine and citrus trees as well as ancient ruins.

Make your first stop the Temple of Eshmun, also known as Bustan El Sheikh. Built in the 7th century BC, the temple was once a worship site dedicated to Eshmun, the Phoenician God of healing. It is believed to be connected to the nearby Temple of Marj Bisri. Nowadays, the temple features a wealth of different architectural styles influenced by the first Persian empire as well as Greek and Roman empires.

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It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.” ― Seneca, The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca: Essays and Letters